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Just Ask My Clients...

My husband and I have worked very closely with Tamra Rosenfeld for the last several years.
In short, he has a number medical issues that require modification of his entire diet. When the first diagnosis was given, Diabetes, meal planning was a simple task. I have a family history of diabetes, no big deal.
With the second disease, Parkinson’s Disease, the meal plan shifted. I learned, with Tamra’s guidance, to balance between two sets of conflicting nutritional needs. We’ve got this one too!
Then when a third diagnosis, Dementia, was given, meal planning became extremely complicated. Here Tamra went to work yet again researching, recommending and teaching me the most user friendly ways for me to balance nutrients, minerals, fat, calories lab work, etc. and how each group was processed by the the human body.
I’ve been repeatedly reminded by each specialist that our on going work with Tamra plays a pivitol role in disease management and quality of life.
Thank you, Tamra for your empathy and professionalism. Without you, I would be adrift at sea.

Maria M

I have nothing but praise for Tamra Rosenfeld. Tamra worked around my poor eating habits and got me to make simple adjustments. She took the time to walk me around the grocery store and suggested better choices as we walked the aisles. She instructs as we go . In the beginning I had an aversion to being weighed. Tamra did not force the issue, she encouraged me to face outward and it was up to me  to choose if I wanted to know how my weight management was going. Her willingness to meet me where was I was has made all the difference to my success.  I have lost over 25 lbs in four months, now own a belt ,  have gone down a pant size and have seen a dramatic improvement in my cholesterol numbers.  I was overwhelmed at the prospect of attempting yet another weight loss program. Tamra has made it manageable for me.  I am learning how to eat right and enjoy it !

Pat C

Working with Tamra was an absolute delight.  She personalized my treatment plan and care to fit my needs and goals.  This meant adjusting how we talked about nutrition, based on how I was doing; as well as tweaking my meal plan to fit my life, my nutritional needs, and my emotional needs.  She encouraged what I managed to do well, and supported me when I struggled with things.  Always happy to give near-instant feedback on meals and available for sessions as often as I needed, not to mention how flexible she was with scheduling to accommodate my work day.  Tamra is knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and she really cares about her clients.

Sarah K

I saw Tamra over the course of a few years.  With Tamra’s support, I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with food.  She is professional yet compassionate and dedicated to her clients.  Tamra is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and health.  She comes up with creative solutions when something is not working out the way you wanted.  I am happy to be able to say that I worked with her, she has helped me to better my relationship with food and be where I am today.

Lauren P

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