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Back to School Touch-less Snacks

Planning healthful school snacks can be difficult especially this year. As great as the schools are at encouraging hand-washing, I have seen the way my kids wash (Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™m not alone)!!

Here are some snack ideas that minimize touching food.

๐Ÿด Yogurt

๐Ÿด Hard-boiled egg โ€“ cut up to eat with a fork

๐Ÿด Fruit salad with a fork

๐Ÿด Pudding (look for pudding with at least 10% calcium)

๐Ÿด Fruit salad

๐Ÿด Banana (can hold the peel)

๐Ÿด Cheese stick (hold the bottom of the wrapper while eating)

๐Ÿด Fruit/yogurt smoothies

๐Ÿด Avocado (eat with a spoon);

๐Ÿด Granola bar (instruct to hold wrapper while eating)

๐Ÿด Low sugar cereal (eat with a spoon)

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