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This weekend really felt like summer! Great time to start grilling!

Grilling can be a healthy method to cook foods but there are some things to be aware of. Carcinogens can be released from smoke created when fat drips onto a heat source. These carcinogens cover our food when the smoke rises. Other carcinogens are created when meat is overcooked or charred. Here are some tips to reduce carcinogens when you grill:

🍗 Cook meat at a lower temperature to prevent charring. 🍗 Marinating meat tenderizes it, adds flavor, and reduces the chance of charring. 🍗 Make kabobs to reduce cooking time and to cook meats more evenly. 🍗 Precook meat prior to barbecuing and finish on the grill for flavor and grill lines. 🍗 Cover the grate with punctured aluminum foil to prevent flames from touching the food and drippings. 🍗 Trim fat from meats, cook chicken with the skin and then remove the skin prior to eating. 🍗 Grill plenty of vegetables – grilling vegetables does not release cancer causing compounds. You can even grill fruit too!

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