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Failed Weight Loss Attempts?

Trying to lose weight? Everyone is different and the same method will not work for all. Here are the top reasons why weight loss attempts can fail.

- Diet is too restrictive – this can make you feel deprived and hungry. If you don’t eat enough this can also slow down metabolism which can make it more difficult for later weight loss.

- Goals are unattainable. Aim for a weight loss of ½ lb – 1 lb per week.

- Unreasonable expectations – don’t try to change all of your habits at once. Work on a few goals at a time. For those with slow metabolism it can take a while for your body to adjust before you start to lose weight.

- Removing entire food groups – your body needs all of the vitamins/minerals from all food groups. When removing one craving can set in and you may be lacking some important nutrients.

- Short term goals – trying to lose weight for an event? Short term goals mean short term weight loss and the weight will likely bounce back.

- Doesn’t match up with lifestyle – if you aren’t a gourmet cook don’t try to become one. Try to make modifications that match your schedule and life.

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