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Food Shopping Revamped

You organize a grocery list then get to the store to find out your favorite or planned items are unavailable… What do you do? You want to make it through quickly and limit frequency of trips but now you feel stuck.

Here are some tips to help get you through the week with less shopping trips:

🛒 Find out when the grocery store gets their deliveries. If they are receiving deliveries Tuesday morning Tuesday may be the best time to go.

🛒 Avoid weekend trips to the supermarket when possible. This is when more people food shop. If you can’t go during the day pick an evening or early morning mid-week.

🛒 Load up on fruit and fresh vegetables even if they are not which ones you planned on. It’s a great opportunity to try something new.

🛒 Have a backup plan – think about a few options for dinners so you don’t feel stuck when you can’t find the specific item you were looking for.

🛒 Have an organized list by department to guide you. On your list have your second and third choice if the first one is not available.

🛒 Take me along with you (virtually) on your next grocery trip! One of my services is to walk people through grocery stores and help them navigate. I have added that as a virtual service. Clients have kept me on the phone during their grocery shopping trips to guide them. Message me for more info!

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