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Gain the quarantine 15?

We may need to accept the new normal but we don’t need to embrace the new weight! Here are some tips that may help.

• Take your time eating. Savor each bite and chew well. If you eat too quickly you won’t realize when you are starting to feel full.

• Put away any devices or distractions when eating. Plan to have meals and snacks only in designated eating area (kitchen table/dining room). It is difficult to be mindful when you are doing other things.

• Plan ahead. If you know what you are going to have for your meals and snacks ahead of time you are less likely to grab for items influenced by hunger.

• Leave food on the stove-top instead of in the center of the table. It is much easier to pick on food or add extra food to your plate when it is in your line of sight.

• Load up on veggies! Make 1/3 of your plate veggies. Add veggies to lunch and dinner.

• Have easily accessible healthy snacks at home such as carrot sticks, fresh fruit, low fat yogurt, or low-fat cheese.

• Most importantly don’t restrict! Making yourself feel hungry can lead to overeating creating a cycle that is difficult to break!

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