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Holiday Eating

Holiday time (even though may be different this year) can be difficult to maintain balanced nutrition. People feel less inclined to cook or eat healthy meals, more ordering in, more comfort foods and baking. Here are some things to help keep December from getting out of control.

- Drink plenty of water. An easy way to figure out what you need is to divide your weight half to get the number of ounces.

- Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. If you bake, incorporate that into your snack plan and skip your normal snack.

- Never allow yourself to get too hungry. If you skip meals or snacks you are destined to overeat at your next meal.

- Get some physical activity. Not only will it make you feel less sluggish but help negate some of the extra food.

- Make sure your meals are balanced with protein, carbs, and veggies. Skipping a food group will cause more cravings later on.

- Don’t aim to lose weight in December, aim to maintain.

- Most importantly don’t be hard on yourself! Feelings of guilt associated with food can spiral into increased eating in days to come.

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