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New Year Nutrition

Want to get back on track in the new year? It is so important to set reasonable goals for yourself. Below are some suggested modifications. Pick one or two per week to work on.

- Try small frequent meals. Never allow yourself to be very hungry or very full. Pay close attention to your hunger and satiety.

- Incorporate fruits and vegetables with all meals. Fruit and vegetables are low in calories, high in fiber and water. Limit oil and butter when preparing.

- Drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. Thirst may sometimes be mistaken for hunger. Being properly hydrated can help with metabolism and increase energy.

- Eat more plant-based foods. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and whole grains can reduce disease risk and reduce overeating.

- Incorporate all food groups in a balance. If you avoid certain foods this can cause cravings and overeating of other foods in order to compensate.

- Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. Start slow and gradually increase time and intensity.

- Plan on making nutrition changes permanent. Plan on these changes as a way of life not a “diet”.

- If you have cravings for a food don’t ignore it. Indulging once in a while can reduce the risk of those foods being a trigger food later on.

- Limit night time eating. After dinner try brushing your teeth to avoid further eating. Recognize that night time eating is usually do to habit not hunger. Make sure your dinner is satisfying enough so you are not feeling hungry afterwards.

- Schedule your meals and snacks. Eating at somewhat consistent times each day will help train your body.

- Plan ahead. Make grocery shopping lists. Plan out your meals and snacks the night before and assemble together.

- Try batch cooking so you can have leftovers and not feel that you have to put in a large effort daily.

Most importantly don’t be hard on yourself! It is difficult to change habits that have been with you your entire life!

Happy and Healthy New Year to all!

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