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Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Thanksgiving is well known for overindulgence of food. Here are some Thanksgiving survival tips to help minimize overeating at the festive meal!

🦃 Eat breakfast and lunch as you normally would. If you skip meals before eating to “save calories” you are setting yourself up to overeat.

🦃Limit alcohol. Not only do the calories add up but alcohol will prevent you from recognizing hunger/satiety cues.

🦃 Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Going into a meal with good hydration status will help prevent overeating.

🦃 Keep to your exercise routine. It will help you feel good and energized.

🦃 When making your plate load up on non-starchy vegetables and turkey. Limit the sides to one-third of your plate.

🦃 At meal time and dessert time look around the table to see what there is before making a choice. Choose to have the dessert or side that you enjoy the most and skip the others. Most importantly enjoy the day and focus on what there is to be thankful for!

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