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Affordable Wellness Tips for Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Written by: Jennifer McGregor

Photo by Pexels

Why don’t fad diets work? Why can’t we stick to the extreme workout routines we see online that “guarantee” real results in only X amount of days? Are we all just quitters, doomed forever to live with unwanted love handles and low self-confidence?


Fad diets and extreme workout routines fail us because they set us up for failure. They overpromise, underdeliver and are wholly unsustainable because they don’t fit into the existing fabric of our lives. They lure us into a false idea that we can become a completely different person rather than incrementally becoming a better version of ourselves. While it may not be as flashy, the truth is that taking a wellness-focused approach to your health is the best way to fight obesity or encourage weight loss.

What does that mean? It means tossing the tunnel vision aside and refusing to obsess over one arbitrary weight-loss goal. Instead, you focus on your overall well-being. That includes focusing holistically on all parts of you -- the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, etc.

The good news is you can achieve your goals affordably. An action plan for weight loss could include:

● Changing up your eating habits -- for example, getting enough vegetables. If you're not sure where to start with healthy eating, consider incorporating nutrition counseling and a customized meal plan into your budget with the Eat Right Plan.

● Finding an enjoyable workout routine or a physically demanding hobby so that exercise doesn’t feel like exercise so much as a fun, everyday part of your lifestyle. Love music? Try a free online dance class. Love being outdoors? Take hikes and gradually work up to longer, more strenuous ones. Seeking a challenging workout that offers variety? A CrossFit program can really do the trick. The options are endless.

● Building a home gym. If you don’t have the time during the week to get to the gym or outside for a hike, a home gym may be just what you need to maintain your fitness routine. You can set up your gym in an unused bedroom, attic, or your basement. Stick to budget-friendly essentials like a yoga mat, dumbbells, and a jump rope.

● Investing in an exercise tracker to stay accountable and motivated. A smartwatch takes measurements of your workouts, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. This device can help you maintain a healthy weight as well, which can save you money on medical bills.

● Recognizing the importance of sleep. Get enough of it.

● Staying relaxed. Stress increases the likelihood of failure at any diet or exercise routine, and it has been linked to a multitude of health issues. Make relaxation and stress reduction a priority. That might mean letting yourself have a few hours away from your responsibilities and treating yourself to a manicure. Or it could mean nightly meditation. Whatever keeps you feeling grounded and able to make calm, rational and smart decisions about your life.

● Taking advantage of deals on items that contribute to your weight loss efforts. This can help further reduce stress and help you stay more focused on your action plan. For example, you can utilize QVC promo codes to help you save money on a range of wellness products from beauty to kitchenware.

Whatever your weight loss goals are, and regardless of the tools necessary to achieve them, remember that reaching specific numbers on the bathroom scale or the tags of your jeans are not as important as the overall goal of achieving wellness and loving who you are. Stick to your budget with these affordable tips and consider worthwhile investments like the Eat Right Plan and a fitness tracker to help you save money in the long run.

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